Here is my microapology for any microaggressions that may follow 🔍.

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The so-called Progressive Left (in truth censorious regressive collectivists who always claim to know what’s best for everyone else and so wish to drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator ruled by their allegedly beneficent tyranny) and other snowflakes with special needs (err… I mean demands) whose parents and teachers never had the guts to say “no” to them, why are they the first to scream “Appropriation!” over the slightest cultural exchange (zero, now that’s a good idea) or improvement (Roman concrete was vastly superior to the earlier Greek) but then appropriate the lives and experiences of others to their puerile little cliques? I’ll bet not a single one of them would be willing to relinquish the spectacles so many of them wear despite such objects being seem by their Communist heroes as a sign of Bourgeois education, never mind give up electricity and clean running water.

Just because I’m a (naughty word alert!) tranny does not mean I am automatically part of their LGBT ensemble (+ whatever other letters and symbols are in vogue <current year>), and being a member of one statistical minority doesn’t mean that any other minority has a claim to kinship or even mutual victimhood due to alleged oppression by the majority. No one else speaks for me or on my behalf, and has never been granted permission by me to do so; I am not a member of their tribe and have never been a victim (privilege alert!), nor will I ever identify myself as being a part of their self-appointed judiciary, for I despise the puritan mob-mentality of their intolerant hive-minds.

I would hope (doubtlessly in vain) that they would never attempt to lump together all people who are right-handed or enjoy photography as if they were little more than sets in Venn diagrams, so why do they assume the same can be done with people who only have their trans-status in common? By even assuming there is a ‘community’ they simply betray the inherent limitations of their group-think, or do they truly imagine we’re no different than parodic Freemasons with our own secret greetings and clandestine associates placed in positions of high office so as to advance our cause by making changes in the establishment? (Don’t forget next week’s meeting is over the Cock & Bull pub once The Patriarchy have finalised their plans for continuing world domination, and the password is “Hello sailor!”; pass it on.)

Wage Gap
Engineering / Technical degree£40,000
Media Studies / Sociology degree£14,000

Are they so deluded as to believe that being trans automatically means we all share the same political (and religious if appropriate) views, the same social classes and backgrounds, interests and hobbies, or indeed anything else? They may think we ought to, but that only advertises their insecure need to group everyone together to create a collective we can join or be a part of (or feel wanted by them and thus have their existence somehow validated because they’re incapable of doing it for themselves?), and though it will no doubt be a great shock to them not only do we not all share it, we hold those often contrary viewpoints not because we are as they judge us to be ignorant or misguided or, hilariously, bigoted / sexist / racialist / homophobic / etc., but precisely because we are informed about matters and have merely chosen to hold differing opinions based on our own decisions and life experiences. As a small ‘l’ liberal and small ‘c’ conservative (my political compass chart is here, whilst here is the slider chart of “8 Values”) I will go out of my way not to be associated with any part of it; not that they recognise parts as that implies the very individuality they wish to eradicate, except of course when one of their drones throws a temper-tantrum and screams “what about me?”.

The entire point of higher education is to broaden intellectual horizons and ask questions, break protocols, challenge conceptions and authority, not become a quivering wreck and curl up into a ball when presented with a story or concept that doesn’t already agree with what they demand the world presents to them: they’re no different from a Creationist who refuses to listen to or view the evidence for evolution because it contradicts their dogma, where they only seek out evidence that supports a predetermined conclusion. Now, instead of universities being bastions of free-speech, they bar people whose ideas they do not agree with instead of debating the pros and cons of the concepts (entirely separate from the people who hold them despite the two being deliberately conflated so as to justify the ban), and a so-called ‘free speech zone’ has to be created within the grounds to allow anyone to say what they want and thus prevent the poor delicate flowers from being exposed to ideas they do not like. They are so cloistered from real life, their idea of a ‘debate’ is to speed-read to the point of intelligibility a pre-written series of accusations whilst hyper-ventilating, then claiming victory because someone doesn’t have any time in which to respond, so they apparently ‘win’ due to lack of refutations. Compare Oxford Union to this utter garbage. Never mind: here’s a colouring-book and some crayons (or do you want to blow bubbles?), and a video of fluffy bunnies.

Special Snowflakes

As for my own so-called ‘privileges’, they can fuck right off with their ignorant judgements. My parents and some of the older people I worked with when first employed went through more kinds of hell than their atrophied brains can ever comprehend, whether fighting abroad with all those attendant traumas or remaining at home and working long hours in exhausting conditions, living in temporary digs because their homes had been reduced to rubble (a little thing called WWII, you may have heard of it in passing), and it’s only because of their sacrifices of both body and spirit that they were able to preserve a society in which succeeding generations grew up free and relatively unafraid (Cold-War horrors notwithstanding). I do not and will never feel any guilt for being a fortunate child raised by two loving parents who wanted me, for getting a well-paid job and going to technical college, whilst enjoying all but a few weeks of the 40+ years I worked.

The home I have made for myself was earned and created by my own intellectual and physical exertions, and I feel absolutely no shame because of it; nor will I ever. Like everyone in any developed society, I buy and possess and use things made by other people (whether basics like food and clothing, or luxuries such as an antique clock or music box over a century old that’s been looked after by careful owners), whose creators worked in often extremely hazardous circumstances and until relatively recently with long arduous hours. The millions employed in mines and foundries and kilns and mills are those to whom I owe any debt, the general workers who made the Industrial Revolution and other industries a reality then and now, whose descendants here and mainly abroad toil in factories creating the textiles and furniture and electronics everyone wants, as well as individual craftsmen who created sometimes unique objects.

I, along with all but a handful of people in the world, come from lines of families that never owned any slaves, going back scores if not hundreds of generations; in fact some on my father’s side were Polish Jews and thus persecuted for it, so perhaps I can claim reparations from someone, and the Limehouse laundries from which my mother’s family came were surely exploitative even though run by fellow Chinese? Thus, despite their pathetic demands, which led inevitabley to wanting everyone else’s homes, I owe nothing to those living now who claim that historic injustices have somehow held them back because they couldn’t be bothered learning anything. Never mention the fact that more white people from the UK died freeing slaves and abolishing the trade than ever profited from or even agreed with it (and never, ever, mention Barbary pirates kidnapping people from England’s southern coast and elsewhere, to be sold as slaves), or that the lack of slaves and indentured servants is only a relatively modern concept and that all previous Empires couldn’t have functioned without them, and that it’s more prevalent in the Middle East now than ever before. Libraries may be closing down, but the internet is vastly greater in scope, and rather than worshipping gun-toting gangsters dripping in gold chains (which their own alleged brethren have suffered to extract from often fatal mines) and coveting the iconography on the latest pair of over-priced plimsolls (sorry, trainers) which are only discarded when the next version comes along, why don’t they try getting off their lardy arses and actually educating themselves (to use one of their own silly pass-the-buck phrases)?

Wages vs Earnings
Man working for 36 hours per week at 20/hr720Both have the same wages and work the same hours so have the same earnings.
Woman working for 36 hours per week at 20/hr
Man working for 40 hours per week at 20/hr800Both have the same wages but work different hours so have different earnings.
The woman has not ‘lost’ or been cheated out of 200, she never earned it.
Woman working for 30 hours per week at 20/hr600
Man working for 40 hours per week at 20/hr800Both have different wages and work different hours so have different earnings.
The woman will have to work four times as long at those wages to obtain the same earnings; or she could get a better-paid job.
Woman working for 20 hours per week at 10/hr200

Now to consider those Bilious Loud-Mouths and like-minded simpletons who want the return of segregation(!): they are nothing but a bunch of bathetic whining cry-babies and their claims of being otherwise are plainly false; the screaming harpy Jerelyn Luther is merely one example of many, and the fact their university fees are greater than the wages of many normal working people only advertises how utterly disconnected from reality they truly are. Are they really so stupid as to believe that delaying buses in London and interrupting tourists at Heathrow will have any effect on how police treat armed thieves and looters in the US, or that protesting about climate change only shows they know nothing about global ocean and wind patterns, or the amount of pollution created by China and India etc.? Isn’t it strange how they never hold any protests in Shanghai or Beijing, and why do they not moan about how racist China and Japan are for it’s clear they have no BAME representation in any of their governments, never mind their racially homogeneous societies? All they’re capable of is disrupting students studying in university libraries and destroying their own neighbourhood’s shops and neighbours’ cars that are owned by other black people, but strangely enough their safety and livelihoods don’t matter even if they do sell weaves (you may not wear it, but you need it, so take that shit to the suburbs and burn them down).

In a pair of beyond despicable actions, they create a twitter #tag to protest about media reporting of Parisians murdered by ‘the religion of peace’™ (note the use of the definite article automatically denying the existence of any others) because it means attention is paid to someone other than them for a few days, whilst later an activist hijacks the memorial service for slaughtered gays because their message is deemed more important than friends and relatives grieving. Elsewhere, they storm through buildings like over-wound clockwork automatons chanting robotically about losing chains they never had except in their own twisted little minds, because in marking themselves out as victims they consider they deserve to be given things rather than work for them. They also judge shouting down a left-wing politician a perfectly valid course of action when he was supporting black people long before any of them were even born (they later set up an hilariously expensive scam for people suffering from ‘white guilt’). Their screaming rants and adulation of thugs only alienates anyone else who might want to care, including other black people who see them for what they truly are and so for their efforts are vilified and called ‘Uncle Toms’ and other meaningless insults, which again underlines their obsession with assigning people to groups which are expected to behave within strictly-defined boundaries based upon simple external characteristics which take no account of personal experiences and opinions.

Back in 1970’s London, people like them trashed the barricaded local shops and businesses and forced thousands of residents to remain indoors throughout the fours days of drug-fuelled sub-bass house-shaking murderous rampage known as ‘carnival’ when warring factions each claimed only they were genuine and so were entitled to free money as grants taken from everyone else’s taxes, so what has changed in the passing decades? Only their propensity for drugs and violence, as has been demonstrated recently when entire blocks of shops and homes were destroyed in Tottenham. As a contrast, the black people I worked with decades ago were proud of the technical jobs they secured and grades they achieved, especially those who lived in run-down estates; their parents were proud of them, too, and siblings looked up to them as proof it was possible to improve themselves and that the system wasn’t biased against them, because then as now the primary filters are those of class and education (or lack thereof).

Rational Roles

What bound us together was a love of technical things (latterly designing and coding), so whether someone was an Indian contractor over here for a few months (some of whom remained as self-employed and became naturalised) or a Jamaican whose grandparents arrived on a boat, none of this was relevant and there was never any friction because of race. Even the first openly gay man I ever met, during the late 1970’s at work, despite arriving on the tail-end of gossip about the ‘poof’ who was soon to join our unit in the telephone exchange, never received any abuse, and the behind-the-scenes whispers died down quickly because everyone could see he was a decent person and good engineer who would fit in with the existing group. Ultimately, that was all that mattered to us, and the reverse of this situation occurred to me when I transitioned at work, as I was judged purely on my performance and how well I integrated with the existing group.

Meanwhile, virtue-signallers announce their holier-than-thou attitude of “do what I say but not what I do” as they encourage everyone else to accommodate the uneducated illiberal misogynistic homophobic economic migrants who despise our society but want to reap its rewards, yet when some of these people arrive all they do is complain how they “don’t understand” the local laws when they masturbate in swimming pools or judge an unaccompanied woman to be a prostitute who deserves to be raped, for if she isn’t a whore why is she not covered up and staying at home (the fact she is single and needs to work for a living is beyond their comprehension)?

Yes, by all means accept those who have marketable skills, so proper nurses and plumbers and brick-layers and stone-masons and anyone else are more than welcome; but if they can barely flip a burger whilst demanding benefits just for being here and they consider rape the equivalent of seduction whilst refusing to learn the native language so Councils have to waste scarce resources on translation services, then they can fuck off back to the primitive shit-hole they came from. If, as is sometimes stated, the migrants are indeed highly trained engineers of varying calibres, why are they not advancing (or in the case of war rebuilding) their own infrastructures and economies? And no, lest anyone think otherwise, I wasn’t a Brexiteer, for although I judge political Europe to be a lumbering behemoth full of self-serving bureaucrats, the courts are a necessary brake on runaway surveillance and corporate monopolies as has only recently been demonstrated, and we definitely need them as a trading block like the original EEC; plus I am at an age where I had to consider the stability of financial markets so my savings and pension were not adversely affected, but then of course merely having saved some money and paid into a pension scheme for decades makes me ‘privileged’, just as living in a city apparently makes me a part of the ‘metropolitan elite’, so my opinion is automatically invalid even though I’ve only ever lived in Social Housing.

† In the traditional UK rather than US sense where it implies someone is borderline Communist, meaning I don’t care what consenting adults get up to as long as it doesn’t adversely affect me. Why do those who consider themselves in a minority shout it at every opportunity? Why do you think their sex life is of interest to me when I don’t care what they do or with whom? I also reject all the status quizzes which seemingly accompany every piece of official literature, wanting to know sexual orientation and racial background and gender identity, colour of skin, and so on. No, absolutely not. If everyone is treated the same way regardless of the colour of their skin or hair or eyes, their presented gender, or their sexuality, then none of those factors are relevant. The only time it should be an issue is when dealing with people who have physical disabilities such as blindness or are confined to a wheelchair, in which case it is only fair to publish literature in Braille (but only in the native language of the country, not translated into dozens of others for those who even want street-signs changed to suit them), or provide ramps if practicable.

‡ I do not oppose social / scientific change, merely question change for its own sake (yet also observe the rules of “just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s always worth keeping, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s automatically better”); if society as a whole benefits, then there are knock-on effects that are advantageous to me, which is why I agree with ‘socialist’ healthcare like the NHS (an essay for another time as many people who claim to oppose it are the first to call upon its services, with Ayn Rand being a famous hypocrite). I do however fully support scientific investigation and experimentation just to learn new things as, no matter how small or apparently inconsequential, all discoveries inform us of our place in the universe, and given the amount of money spent on warfare the pitiful leftovers used to fund such things as particle accelerators and space-craft are well worth the expenditure. That we are able to even know (and understand most of) what we have discovered so far (especially in the last century) is, I think, absolutely amazing, and though many recent advances were unfortunately driven by the desire for better weapons or to boast of superior ideologies, it only accelerated what would have happened anyway (even if retarded for centuries or millennia by religious zealots).

No Snowflakes