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Here is my microapology for any microaggressions that may follow 🔍.

Special Snowflakes
Rational Roles
Intersectional Feminism
Check-in Counter
Wage Gap
Engineering / Technical degree£40,000
Media Studies / Sociology degree£14,000
Wages vs Earnings
Man working for 36 hours per week at 20/hr720Both have the same wages and work the same hours so have the same earnings.
Woman working for 36 hours per week at 20/hr
Man working for 40 hours per week at 20/hr800Both have the same wages but work different hours so have different earnings.
The woman has not ‘lost’ or been cheated out of 200, she never earned it.
Woman working for 30 hours per week at 20/hr600
Man working for 40 hours per week at 20/hr800Both have different wages and work different hours so have different earnings.
The woman will have to work four times as long at those wages to obtain the same earnings; or she could get a better-paid job.
Woman working for 20 hours per week at 10/hr200

I am a Feminist so : I am not a Feminist because :
  • I can blame the binary cis-gendered racist sexist homophobic transphobic hetero-normative patriarchal hegemony for not recognising that watching Twilight is just as important as a degree in medicine or physics.
  • I can attend a foreign conference to lie about the presentation of a famous scientist and ensure he gets sacked, while the audience laugh at a joke in another language, but I don’t understand irony or self-deprecating humour and besides he was only a straight white man.
  • I can claim my degree in sociology is as important as one in medicine, and call people sexist when they laugh at me.
  • if you disagree with me you give me PTSD.
  • that means I am right and you are wrong, and if you disagree it proves I am right.
  • that means I can talk for as long as I like and interrupt you whenever you speak.
  • if you deny being racist and sexist, it only proves you are.
  • I can go to the U.N. and demand that my critics on the internet are banned.
  • I can give consent for sex before and during the act, but afterwards claim I was raped.
  • when someone disagrees with me on Twitter I can get them banned from the internet, charged with harassment, and bankrupted.
  • when someone asks me for evidence to back up my assertion, I can claim they are oppressing me.
  • disagreement is abuse.
  • I can spend all my time making YouTube videos instead of running a company that’s having financial troubles and is already in debt, try to get someone fired and even arrested when he mocks a heroine of mine, lie about him exposing my true identity when I did it myself in one of my own videos, appoint myself to be the leader of YouTube SJWs, then with an utter lack of self-awareness claim the status of victim when his followers do to me the very thing I had wanted to do to him.
  • I oppose censorship.
  • I am an individual, not part of a collectivist hive who can only view the world through sociological lenses.
  • I refuse to excuse the real rape culture of minorities.
  • I support free speech.
  • I refuse to play intersectional identity politics.
  • I am an egalitarian.
  • I understand that statistics do not invalidate personal experiences.

I am a Snowflake so : I am not a Snowflake because :
  • I demand university is a home and not an intellectual space where I might be exposed to things I do not like.
  • Black Lives Matter! (unless killed by another black).
  • my feelings are all that matter and because they are the centre of my existence they should also be the centre of everyone else’s and if they aren’t then I’m being oppressed and denied my experiences and I’ll cry and scream and throw a temper tantrum.
  • I don’t want to be treated like an insecure infant who needs trigger warnings and safe spaces where I can play with colouring books and blow bubbles.
  • I enjoy being exposed to new ideas and concepts, and would rather be shown to be wrong than continue believing something that is clearly false.
  • science is not democratic and facts trump feelings.
  • words cannot hurt, only actions and inactions.