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1989? 1989‽ Yes, it really has been that long since I first began this novel, and unusually for me I actually started by writing the first chapter, as a general introduction to the city and its inhabitants, to hopefully immerse the reader into a foreign yet recognisable and believable culture. In the intervening time I’ve almost completed another novel Blood Rights and started a series of short stories, Elements, whilst continually refining this and trying to keep it below 350,000 words.


1 : City Life

1-1 : Night Patrol

Vana and her Peace-Officer companion patrol the city of Ellwon at night, walking amongst the maze of warehouses and taverns for part of their duty; the city and its position in the world is described, as an introduction to their world.

1-2 : Escort Duty

Yistea, one of four Commanders of the empire of Ellūon, is returning home on a diplomatic mission, bringing with her not one but two Ambassadors from the neighbouring empire of Tirumana, each claiming the other false.

1-3 : Induction Ceremony

As part of her duties, Commander Miira attends the induction ceremony of acolytes to her section of the Royal Guard, but as with her fellow Commander and lover Idina, her thoughts are on the arriving Embassies and their true intentions.

1-4 : Stroll In The City

Now off-duty, Vana wanders in the city for a while as its citizens await the Embassy, and though keeping her own counsel listens to talk of peace or war before finding a vantage point to view the proceedings.

1-5 : Public Politics

Yistea takes the Ambassadors to their quarters within the Solar Temple, then prepares for the public announcements and feasting that are set in the open for all to see as speeches are made and treaties formed.

1-6 : Arrivals & Departures

The Solar Priestess, the most powerful of Ellūon’s four rulers and currently the only one living, receives both petitions before being interrupted by a girl who claims to be her sister reborn; this event is long-expected and so welcomed, but then overshadowed by a ploy that reveals deeper machinations at work. The day ends with signs of fear and wonder as incredible flying chariots appear over the city, with one being destroyed and the other drifting to earth with an unconscious inhabitant.

2 : Travelling

2-1 : Unity Briefing

In a secret room of the Unity project, an unnamed agent who has recently been promoted learns to his horror that people exist who can travel at will between the almost limitless number of parallel worlds, rather than using machines of the kind they use; this places their entire project in jeopardy, for as gatekeepers they maintain order and so agents are sent out to identify anyone involved with the so-called ‘travellers’.

2-2 : Courier Service

Jenny Millar arrives in the Paris of a nearby parallel to collect letters as part of an inter-world postal service she is to occasionally work for to continue her training, but though she is using her power and knows she is subject to awe and respect from those who know of her ability, in truth it is something she does not want and hates to use.

2-3 : Letters To London

Jenny delivers the letters to nearby versions of London before returning to home in Brighton, but perhaps because of using her power she is subjected to another disorientating attack of dizziness in which her visions of nearby worlds threaten to overwhelm her, and she is forced to take drugs to stabilise herself.

2-4 : Unity Report

An agent who has been sent to find and examine inter-world anomalies stumbles upon some of the people Jenny visited, though as he has not as yet been ordered to interrogate anyone he simply examines all of the available evidence.

2-5 : Burglary

Nina (a character from both A Traveller’s Tale and Traveller’s Tales), who was visited by Jenny, is distraught at discovering she has been burgled and her private letters ransacked.

2-6 : Target Identified

Leaving her menial job for the day, Jenny goes out to a club and enjoys what little entertainment is still allowed, but even there she is subject to another series of visions, not helped by having to use her powers to help defend herself and a local comedienne who tries to help her from an attack. Unbeknownst to Jenny, she has been identified as suspect by a Unity agent, for though she is in her home world she has brought back things from nearby parallels that register on his equipment.

2-7 : Random Journey

Wanting to leave Brighton for a few days in case anyone is looking for her after the fracas, she hires an air-car and flies north, trying to clear her mind and relax with the one things she enjoys and does very well.

2-8 : Unity Report

A Unity tracer raises concerns that a field agent is overdue for his regular report.

2-9 : Flight

Jenny realises she is being followed so changes worlds, but to her horror she cannot shake off her pursuer; changing parallels many times makes her ill with stress, then she arrives in a world that is not only inhabited but also the source of a power so strong it almost knocks her out, but in a last gasp of effort she destroys the other air-car before crashing into the middle of a gigantic square filled with people.

3 : Threads

3-1 : Private Politics

Still in shock after the previous night’s events, the four Commanders of Ellūon meet with the Solar Priestess, where they examine the delirious girl and her strange belongings, whilst their best scientists ponder the flying vehicle. Miira is later informed she is to be sent on a secret mission to the neighbouring country of Anderalin for an unknown length of time, to search for a girl who is Priestess of the Moon reborn.

3-2 : Channel Rendezvous

In a nearby world to Jenny's, Alexandra (also from both A Traveller’s Tale and Traveller’s Tales) meets one of the many locals who are involved with the inter-world delivery services, and introduces him to his responsibilities.

3-3 : Dreams & Nightmares

The solar Priestess dreams of her past, and ponders the future of their empire, whilst the imprisoned Ambassador and his entourage discuss their limited options, and Jenny’s mind wanders in a fever.

3-4 : Unity Report

An agent from the Unity project arrives in Paris as part of his assignment.

3-5 : Plays & Plots

The Sun has a private conference with the disgraced ex-Ambassador de Wiran.

3-6 : Sailing To The Past

Miira and the companions she has chosen for her mission leave on their way upstream, and she remembers how she arrived as an immigrant with her parents, her admission to the Guard and her rise through the ranks, and her eventual relationship with her fellow-Commander, Idina.

4 : Moonrise

4-1 : Village Life

Vayl, a travel writer from the capital of Anderalin, is residing with Araak, the chief of a small village at the far end of their country, to gather material for his latest book. Although the life there is remote from all he has ever known, he knows the only way to describe it fairly is to live it as one of them, and being honest he is made welcome for he works his keep.

4-2 : First Signs

Vayl continues to enjoy living and working in the village, but his life is soon disrupted by the behaviour of Araak’s dumb daughter, who display knowledge in excess of her usual fey behaviour.

4-3 : New Moon

Araak speaks of his daughter to Vayl, but they are both disturbed by the girl who communicates in an obsolete script before writing in a more modern form, where she informs them she is the Ellūon Priestess of the Moon.

4-4 : Unity Report

A Unity agent identifies François as being in possession of off-world items, and is ordered to continue surveillance.

4-5 : Welcoming The Wolf

Vayl meets Shaala and they discuss her father's plans for their escape from the village, for should her true mature become known she would be in danger from those who think her possessed.

4-6 : To The Pass

The two men leave with Shaala but soon they are tracked by other villagers on their way to the mountain pass that would take them to Ellūon; the girl manages to frighten off their pursuers by playing a dangerous game, the she leads her father and Vayl to a road lost in legend.

4-7 : Wormsway

The three travellers pass through the mountains, but not above as expected, for Shaala reveals to them a series of vast tunnels and caves that were once part of a major trade link between Anderalin and Ellūon.

4-8 : Arriving In Ellūon

Emerging from the tunnels, the exhausted voyagers head for the nearest city where they can send a message to the capital, informing the Solar priestess her sister is returning home.

4-9 : Homecoming

They finally reach the city of Avion and secure passage downstream for the capital, and as they recuperate from their long walk on the slow barge, Shaala remembers more of her past. Upon their arrival in the capital, they are taken straight to the Sun where the remaining Commanders are given proof that the girl who claims to be the Lunar Priestess is indeed genuine.

5 : The Nature Of Power

5-1 : Delirium’s Aftermath

Jenny awakens in the strange city and through signs manages to communicate some essential information; Idina has even more responsibility placed upon her when the Solar priestess assigns her to instruct jenny into their culture, but jenny is torn by the knowledge she has caused damage to her surroundings whilst asleep, and she is greatly affected by the power that overwhelmed her before she crashed..

5-2 : City Of The Sun

Idina and Jenny begin to converse in proper words as the Commander teaches her their written language, then she takes the strange girl on a tour of their monumental city, whose architecture and society impress Jenny.

5-3 : Snowy Weather

Idina experiences first-hand the power that Jenny has as the sleeping girl loses control again, and though no one is hurt the Solar Priestess speaks at length of the threat they face as Jenny’s arrival and the flying vehicle represent a severe challenge to their diplomatic efforts.

5-4 : Second Tour

Idina takes Jenny on another educational walk through the city.

5-5 : Four Flights Over The City

Jenny finally acknowledges that she has to fit into the political landscape she has created, and takes various Ambassadors for short flights in her air-car, as well as cementing her allegiance to the Sun.

5-6 : Unity Report

General update.

5-7 :

Jenny adjusts to being a permanent resident of the city.

5-8 : Unity Report

Unity tightens its grip as it realises its initial sweeps were not sensitive enough.

5-9 : “…each sun a jewel…”

Jenny shares some of her scientific and astronomical knowledge, but only those things which cannot be mis-used for warfare etc.

6 : Exiles

6-1 : City Of Glass, City Of Stone

Vana explores the strange and frightening city she has arrived at, whilst remembering her arrival at the city she had just left in such mysterious circumstances.

6-2 : Unity Report

6-3 : University Grounds

6-4 : Clandestine Delivery

François is warned by Alexandra of a coming storm.

6-5 :

François informs the courier service that Jenny is severely overdue.

6-6 : Teacher & Protector

Vana is found and taken in by a teacher on campus, and as trust slowly develops they learn of one another’s worlds.

6-7 : Flies In A Web

François heeds Alexandra’s sudden warning and travels to London, but he arrives in another world and is met by a local man who performs similar duties to himself.

6-8 : Unity Report

Urgent report on the fact the agent following François is long overdue for an update.

7 : Anderalin And Back

7-1 : City Of Decay

Miira and her companions arrive at the ancient city near the mountains, and prepare for their journey to Anderalin.

7-2 : In The Mountains

The adventurers slowly approach the mountains that separate Ellūon from Anderalin, and enter the forgotten tunnel.

7-3 : Hostile Reception

Miira and company eventually reach the nearest village, where they learn of the strange occurrances leading to the disappearance of the village leader and his daughter, and realise the girl they are searching has left long before they arrived.

7-4 : Wasted Journey

Kæis &co slowly return to Ellavion.

8 : …

8-1 : Illegal Alien

Vana and the teacher are discovered and removed by the security services.

8-2 : Citizen Of The Empire

Jenny now fully resigned to remaining in the city of the rest of her life, but is becoming addicted to the sleeping draughts she needs to keep her powers at bay.

8-3 : Conjunction

Shaala the Moon reborn is finally reunited with her sister the Sun, learns fully of all that has occurred during her absence, and meets Jenny, who realises the rulers are bound to the powerpoint that floods the city.

9 : Deus Ex Machina

9-1 : After The Party

Wrulla, a very experienced traveller, awakes in her home after a long night of city-wide celebrations, and with her two lovers sets about preparing them for the tour she had promise them, where they will visit other worlds to study their history and cultures.

9-2 : Tourists

Wrulla and her companions wander through a city and explore what are to them unknown delights.

9-3 : Hotel

Wrulla leaves her friends in a local hotel as she delivers letters to nearby alternatives, then the following morning she relates to them part of her childhood in a world similar to the one in which they are staying. Their conversation is overheard by an elderly couple, who are understandably upset by what they hear, as Wrulla speaks of things that she should not have experienced.

9-4 : Unity Report

9-5 : Gathering Storm

Wrulla discovers more about Unity’s invasions, and finds & rescues Vana and the teacher.

9-6 :

Wrulla finds and rescues Vana and the teacher.

9-7 : Unity Report

Partially recovered transcription of interrogation session.

9-8 :

Wrulla &co manage to prevent Unity from achieving their purpose, which was in any case doomed because of faulty knowledge.

9-9 : Unity Report

Unity outposts become isolated.


City Of Wonder

40 years later, Wrulla visits the Empire of the Sun to see how they have coped with the earlier revelations.


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