This story never got beyond fifty pages or so, and went for many months with no work at all. It was continually being re-written without ever actually getting anywhere, because I had far too many ideas to be accommodated in what was supposed to be a simple story of threatened lovers, so the whole thing was eventually scrapped with various strands expanded and reused elsewhere.

The central concept, of an exiled(?) traveller aged 27 and her slightly older lesbian partner, was reworked to become the Universal Rehousing episode of Travellers’ Tales, whilst other ideas became the introduction to the Myridium Fair – Part One chapter.

Originally, the traveller Catherine and Hermione, who lived a quiet, almost boring life, in their basement flat in Ladbroke Square, were visited by a strange man who made it clear he knew a lot more about Catherine’s past than he ought, and suggested she volunteer for a kind of ‘relocation programme’; this was refused and the story was then meant to be Hermione coping with revelations regarding Catherine’s past (about which she had always been a little secretive) as they both fled from what turned out to be an attempt to forcibly relocate all travellers who were not in their ‘native’ world (i.e., the one in which they were born) by an organisation that wanted to standardise as many worlds as they could. This last theme was also used for the protagonists of Transposition.

I had not decided on whether Catherine was retired (why at such a young age or was she far older than she appeared?), in exile, or even slightly criminal, as the main point of the story was how she and Hermione reacted to the external threat, how Catherine revealed and used her powers. This was scrapped and changed so that only the traveller remained as Jeanne, now a widowed mother and victim to a far more aggressive organisation, restyled to be a deliberate pastiche of ‘women in jeopardy’ pulp stories.