Miss Ellen 'E'

Another Win For The IPCC!

One Of Our Longest-running Cover-ups Cases Is Finally Laid To Rest
(23 April 1979 - 27 April 2010)

Special mention must be made of our brave officers E (accused of being a liar!), F (the poor driver), G, H, I, & J, who served in the now disbanded Special Patrol Group (SPG), serving under Alan Murray (who was forced to resign due to the unfair attention being paid to him by the investigation under Commander John Cass), all of whom have spent the past decades in unbearable stress after carrier U.11 first arrived in Beechcroft Avenue.

Despite Cass’s strong recommendation that 3 of the officers (E, F, & H) be charged with a “deliberate attempt to conceal the presence of the carrier at the scene at that time”, the other SPG officers bravely stood together to protect their colleagues and agree on a common story, so no charges were ever brought; we also managed to ensure that an officer who was ‘indicated’ as being responsible for the blow, had his name redacted.

When Cass opened the officer’s lockers at SPG HQ, in what can only be described as a raid, they found truncheons, knives, crowbars, a whip, a wooden stave and a lead-weighted leather stick, but what our officers do in their own time is none of our concern, and so it will remain. (Want to dress up as a Nazi at the weekends? Fine by us!)

To put this waste of time in perspective, 31,000 man-hours were spent on this politically-inspired witch-hunt (think of the number of real criminals that could have been apprehended), but due to a united front presented by everyone concerned, insufficient evidence was obtained to proceed with any prosecutions.

On a final note, it must be mentioned that even Cass himself cited Archbold 38th edition para 2528, which provides us with a mandate to kill people if they cannot be suppressed. For once, the law is on our side, and not that of the public, who should know their place.

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