Miss Ellen 'E'
Dumber & Dumberer


The reason I’m contacting you is in relation to an article on the BBC’s website (1), in which you seem to support even further dumbing down of the language by agreeing with a ban on any use of Latin words, and implying that anyone who uses them as part of normal conversation is doing so to make themselves “feel important”.

To quote just the end of the article : A Campaign spokesman said the ban might stop people confusing the Latin abbreviation e.g. with the word “egg”.

Surely you're taking the P.S., or are you now defending people who cannot be bothered to read at all, let alone properly?

As for not using a simple word like ‘via’, where do they think* a word like ‘viaduct’ comes from, or are you going to ban that too? [*that many of them are not taught to think is another problem.]

Considering that English contains many words based on Latin and Greek (‘alphabet’ anyone?), as well German and Norse derivatives, with some words being taken straight from their original source, this kind of censorship is as bad as L’Académie française trying to prevent French people speaking of “le weekend”, which they considered a “bete noire”.

Languages are wonderfully expressive things and should be made the most of, not stifled with restrictions based on the lowest common denominator, or else we will end up in the situation as shown in the film Alphaville, where each new edition of the dictionary contained fewer words as banned ones were successively removed.


Amber Allen (who has no need to make herself “feel important”)