Miss Ellen 'E'


Halfway House Rap

 I’m shouting and swearing and so fucking angry
 (Plus my nose is runny and I got me no hanky)
 Why I ain’t famous by now is coz of me race
 (Though I got no pages on facebook or myspace)
 Never learned at home and never studied at school
 Only means of expression aggression is cool
 Gotta beat people up just to get some respec’
 When they don’t do what I want (what do they expect?)

 Chaining presets together on rhythm machines
 Sets the house shaking to my tune (know what I mean?)
 Stupid bitch upstairs is moaning coz of the noise
 She can shut the fuck up she ain’t one of the boys
 They’re all whores anyway don’t get me started on queers
 Kill all the battyboys (I got nothing to fear)
 Ev’ry one says I sound like some kind of loser
 But I don’t care coz I’z a record producer