Miss Ellen 'E'

Somewhere in the wilds of London’s W1–  is a street which forms a ‘T’ junction with a bus route.

‘A’ street is lined with typical Victorian terraced houses of the kind whose ground floor is raised, whilst there are steps leading down to the basement flat, and cellars beneath the pavement, though most of the coal-hole covers have been filled in; there are also a few large trees which the local Council cut back every few years.

The ‘B’ road hosts a few blocks containing shops and local amenities, including a handful of restaurants that cater to most tastes, though nothing like their overly-priced up-market brethren only a couple of streets away, and it provides easy transport to the delights of Portobello Market’s daily fare, with its weekly extension of antiques & bric-a-brac.

Some of the houses were pulled down in the middle of ‘A’ street, perhaps due to bomb damage from WWII, and a small block of flats built to fill the gap, so within less than a hundred metres there are varying styles of architecture and life, as regardless of form some of the homes are privately-owned and command prices in the millions, whilst others lie in the hands of either the Council or Housing Associations. For reasons of their own, the Council decided to pursue a ‘careless in the community’ policy and turned one of the mid-terrace houses into a home for people with various drugs-related problems, which didn’t make the neighbours particularly happy, but as things were not too bad to begin with and there was little to be done anyway the surrounding area adapted and carried on almost as before.

The overall style varies from a fully realised CG environment of one particular flat in a block with its surrounding terraces of houses, to deliberately abstract evocations of objects, and simple comic-like renderings.

Note that we do not set out to deliberately insult any individuals (unless they in turn have already insulted common decency by demanding death for those who critique them, for example), rather it is their beliefs and behaviour we lampoon and point out the hypocrisies to, so given the current state of the world there are plenty of targets.